New Seeds August 2019: 70 New Seed Varieties Available Now

Written by The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 10 August 2019 

With the start of Spring fast approaching and the temperature already increasing its almost time to start planting your spring & summer vegetable seeds.

For most gardeners, spring and early summer offer the perfect seasonal conditions for an extensive range of productive vegetable crops to be sown.

To celebrate the start of spring we have been hard at work researching and collecting a huge new range of vegetable seed varieties perfect for your home veggie patches! This month we have introduced 70 new and exciting seeds to our website; including some amazing coloured Corn, a large selection of new Eggplant varieties, a range of Lettuce, a few new Chillies, a specific cool climate Watermelon, and the adorable and tasty Cucamelon.

For warm and tropical climate gardeners there are plenty of new seed varieties well suited to your climate, check out the Bitter Melons, Thai Eggplants, Luffa, Yam bean, Tree Spinach, Land Seaweed, Water Spinach & Water Pepper just to name a few!

Browse all the new seeds below.