We are excited to announce the launch of our new range just in time for Spring! We are now stocking a large range of gardening products, gloves, tools, equipment and accessories, including everything you need to start successfully growing your own vegetables and flowers from seed.

Our new range includes: premium quality stainless steel hand tools (with sustainably sourced hardwood handles), biodegradable compressed peat pots (certified for use in organic gardens), jute pea and bean support net and natural jute twine (which are fully compostable at end of life), environmentally friendly child and animal safe copper barrier slug tape and cabbage moth decoys (to safely deter garden pests) and various sizes of insect houses to encourage beneficial insects and native bees into your garden.

For your pruning needs we have a large range of secateurs, snips, scissors, shears, and grafting accessories. To successfully start your seedlings we have punnets, seedling trays, pots, mini-greenhouses, propagation kits, heat mats, pH meters, thermometers and plant tags. For container gardeners we have a range of portable planter bags and fabric pots in various sizes and to protect your veggie garden and fruit tree crops from pests we have various crop protection and insect exclusion netting solutions.

Explore our new range.