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Hemp Bag Sprouter

Hemp Sprouting Bag. Perfect for sprouting grains. Just rinse the bag in fresh water twice a day and hang it over a sink tap or a doorknob to let it drain. The open weave fabric allows for great drainage and airflow whilst still keeping your sprouts moist enough to allow for optimal germination. This reusable hemp bag is made from a combination or pure hemp and organic cotton with a drawstring top. Hemp is a naturally mould resistant fibre and the bag is totally biodegradable at the end of product life. 
Easy to grow your own sprouts at home. Fun activity to do with kids. 
Healthy delicious and nutritious sprouts are fast to grow and the perfect addition to sandwiches, salads or any other meal. 
Machine washable.
Made in Australia.
Dimensions 24cm high x 19cm wide.



  1. Before starting, pick over your seeds to remove damaged ones along with any grit or debris, and then rinse clean using water and a fine sieve.
  2. Transfer the seeds into your hemp bag sprouter and place it in a bowl covered with water. Leave the seeds to soak overnight. *2-3 teaspoons of small seeds like alfalfa is enough. For grains you could use more as you will be eating them when they are less developed.
  3. After soaking, take the bag out of the water and let the seeds continue to drain by hanging it on tap, kitchen spout or even a doorknob. The bag will retain enough moisture to keep the seeds damp and allow them to sprout.
  4. At least twice a day, rinse the bag thoroughly in cold water and drain. This rinses away any bacteria or fungus traces which can spark fermentation while at the same time gives the seeds the moisture they need to continue growing. Rinsing should be done more often in warmer weather.
  5. After around three days of repeated rinsing and draining, your seeds should have sprouted. They're ready to harvest from when the sprouted tail is the same size as the original seed. Grains can be used now, while legumes and other seeds can be left to develop for a day or two longer - try sampling a sprout at regular intervals until they've reached the right taste and texture point for you. However, you should always halt the sprouting process before any leaves develop.
  6. Once they're ready to harvest, give the sprouts a final rinse, and drain them thoroughly. Take the sprouts from the bag, discard any unsprouted seeds, and leave to dry on kitchen paper. Damp sprouts won't store well, quickly turning slimy or mushy.
  7. Use the sprouts as soon as possible, although they can be kept for a few days sealed in the refrigerator. Discard immediately if there any signs of mould or any unpleasant smell. Ideally, grow small batches at staggered intervals so you can always eat the sprouts at their freshest.

More info on growing sprouts.

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