Artwork specs- Economy range

Below are the artwork specification for our 'economy range' of seed envelopes.  If you are placing a 'special order' please contact us as artwork specs may vary.


Artwork is best supplied as a print ready PDF (300+dpi, all text converted to curves/outlines) but we can accept artwork in most common file formats. 

The envelopes are 70 x 120mm in size so the file size should match this.

Printing is in black only.


WHEN USING RECYCLED BROWN PAPER: Minor print defects are expected when printing on recycled paper, for best results we recommend your design avoids the use of large solid black areas as these can appear patchy when printed.


Print margins front:

Top and bottom- 3mm

Left and right- 2mm


Print margins back:

Top and bottom- 3mm

Left and right- 2mm

Note: all flaps can be printed on but a 2mm clearance from all folds and flaps is required.  See files below for guides.


File downloads: