Custom printed seed packets

Our custom printed seed packets are suited to a range of uses including:

  • Wedding favours (bomboniere's)
  • Promotional seed packets
  • Corporate gifts
  • Personal gifts
  • Funeral or Memorial services
  • Baby Showers
  • Christenings and 1st Birthdays
  • Events
  • For use with greeting cards (Christmas cards, birthday cards, etc.)

Our custom printed seed packets are 70 x 120mm in size.  Both the front and back of the packets can be custom printed.  We have many templates available or you can submit your own design.

Custom printed seed packets are available at 2 price points, Economy and Deluxe:

  • ECONOMY includes: Kraft brown paper, black print and a limited seed selection. Pricing below.
  • DELUXE includes: White or kraft Brown paper, colour print and a large choice of seeds. Pricing below.

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Custom Printed Examples


Our ECONOMY range of custom printed seed packets includes your choice of any of the following seed varieties.

HERBS: Basil, dill, coriander, parsley, chives

VEGETABLES: Carrot, lettuce, rocket, cabbage, kale

FLOWERS: Californian Poppy, Shirley Poppy, Candytuft, Flanders Poppy, Livingstone Daisy, Baby's Breath, Brachycome, Nigella, Everlasting Daisy.

Our DELUXE range of custom printed seed packets includes your choice of any of our available seed varieties listed on our website up to a listed value of $1.25

*Seed varieties are subject to available stock levels

*If none of these varieties are right for your job let us know and we'll see if we can find something that will better match your idea.


Paper and Printing

Our ECONOMY range of paper envelopes includes Kraft Brown. With black print only.

Our DELUXE range of paper envelopes includes; White (with black or colour print) or Kraft Brown (with colour print).



Minimum order size for our custom printed seed packet is 50 packets.

The pricing below is inclusive of seeds, seed envelopes and custom printing.  There are no additional artwork setup fees.



-Black print
-Kraft brown paper
-Limited seed selection

DELUXE Pricing

-Black or colour print
-White or Kraft Brown envelopes
-Full range of seeds *up to $1.25

(per print/paper/seed variation) Per packet  Per Packet
At least 50 packets $1.50 $2.00
At least 100 packets $1.40 $1.90
At least 250 packets $1.25 $1.75
At least 500 packets $1.00 $1.50
At least 1000 packets $0.90 $1.40
At least 2500 packets $0.80 $1.30
5000+ packets contact us contact us

*Please note the above pricing is to be used as a guide only.  Pricing is subject to change and pricing may vary depending on specific job requirements.

*Please note Custom Printed Seed packets are not eligible for free shipping.

*Prices above include GST.



Order Form- Custom Printed Seed Packets


For special orders and enquiries contact us.

Phone     (03) 8719 0440


Artwork Specs

Below are the artwork specifications for our custom printed seed envelopes.  If you are placing a 'special order' please contact us as artwork specs may vary.


Artwork is best supplied as a print ready PDF (300+dpi, all text converted to curves/outlines) but we can accept artwork in most common file formats. 

The envelopes are 70 x 120mm in size so the file size should match this.

Printing is in black or full colour.

PAPER: Minor print defects are expected during printing. For best results we recommend your design avoids the use of large solid black or coloured areas as these can appear patchy when printed.

MARGINS: Edge-to-edge printing is not possible on most orders and print bleeds are not required.  Please make sure your design includes the following print free margins:

Print margins front:

Top and bottom- 4mm

Left and right- 3mm

Print margins back:

Top and bottom- 4mm

Left and right- 3mm

Note: all flaps can be printed on but a 3mm clearance from all folds and flaps is required.  See files below for guides.


File downloads:


custom printed seed packets

mixed wedding seed packets

Mixed Baby Shower packets

Mixed memorial seed packets

custom printed seed packets