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Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 11 September 2018

A veggie patch isn't complete without a row or two of carrots. However, many gardeners give them a try and are disappointed by a harvest of twisted bitter roots. But there's no need to be discouraged. With a little care, carrots are simple to grow.

Author: Bob Drummond   Date Posted: 5 September 2018

Even if you choose not to maintain a compost pile, you can utilise some common kitchen waste that does not require composting before use. Rather than waste them by throwing away all of their precious nutrients, add them to your garden.

Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 29 August 2018

Slugs and snails are the bane of many a gardener's life. There are few things more frustrating than finding a row of seedlings demolished within just a few hours. Beer traps are a safe and economical way to help keep them in check.

Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 20 August 2018

Self-seeding flowers are a great way to blur the lines between a carefully cultivated garden and a wild natural look. They're easy to grow but also provide colour throughout the season. This article describes the advantages of growing self-seeding plants.

Author: Jennifer Charlotte   Date Posted: 14 August 2018

Bees play vital part in the production of many of the world's food crops. Unfortunately though, bees are under threat from intensive farming, disease, and even climate change. This article explains how planning your garden with bees can make difference.

Author: Jennifer Charlotte   Date Posted: 7 August 2018

Many plants dislike the disruption of being transplanted to their final location. Sowing your seeds in eggshells overcomes this problem, while also offering environmental benefits and providing your plants with extra nutrition.

Author: The Seed Collection   Date Posted: 2 August 2018

Not all plants fit their growing season to your local conditions. Any gardener who loves tomatoes will know all about the race to ripen fruits before the first frosts arrive. However, you can sow these & other cold-hating seeds in late winter.

Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 23 July 2018

Herbal teas offer a wide variety of intriguing flavours as well as many benefits to health and wellbeing. However, perhaps most importantly, they also open up new ways of enjoying your garden and of growing a wider variety of unusual plants.

Author: The Seed Collection   Date Posted: 17 July 2018

Some plants produce seeds that have evolved a period of dormancy to get them through a winter before germinating. Cold stratification is a method of simulating seasonal conditions to encourage reluctant seeds to germinate more reliably.

Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 11 July 2018

The Latin names found on seed packets & plant labels aren't there just to make life complicated for gardeners. These botanical names are a vital way of identifying precisely which kind of plant you're dealing with.

Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 30 June 2018

Scarification is slightly intimidating word for what's really a simple but useful process. Some varieties of seed need a helping hand for speedy and reliable germination, and scarifying them for gardeners to tease more seedlings out from these seeds.

Author: John Mauger   Date Posted: 30 June 2018

Winter is on us and that means fruit tree maintenance. What we do now will have a big effect on the health of our trees and the quality of next season’s crop.

Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 29 June 2018

Radishes can be taken from seed packet to plate in as little as four weeks, and they're far more versatile in the kitchen than they're usually given credit for. Lending their peppery bite to salads, soups, and stews radishes are an essential spicy root.

Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 6 June 2018

Pumpkins are an impressive crop, bringing colour & drama throughout summer and autumn. But if you want your gourds to be real talking point, size matters. The lessons learned by competitive pumpkin growers can give your fruits a healthy boost in stature.

Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 30 May 2018

Crop rotation is all about keeping your soil as naturally fertile as possible, as well as reducing the problems of pests and disease. This article explains the benefits and offers a beginner's guide to getting started.

Author: Jennifer Charlotte   Date Posted: 17 May 2018

Enjoy the beauty and benefits of nasturtiums by planting them in your garden. These pretty plants are easy to grow, edible, and a great companion plant.

Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 8 May 2018

Every gardener needs to decide how to start their home-grown plants off in life. Is it better to raise them from seed, or to buy ready-grown seedlings? This article covers the many advantages of sowing seeds, along with a few minus points to consider.

Author: Jennifer Charlotte   Date Posted: 1 May 2018

Getting started with gardening is perhaps the biggest obstacle to overcome. You might think the amount of knowledge you need is off-putting, but it's not as complicated or difficult as it seems. Here are 8 ways it can bring benefit to your daily life.

Author: Jennifer Charlotte   Date Posted: 12 April 2018

Growing seeds is an exciting and satisfying journey, but many small details can make the difference to your success. Planning is vital - before sowing, decide on how to give your seedlings the best start in life, and you'll be rewarded with healthy plants

Author: Jennifer Charlotte   Date Posted: 3 April 2018

A healthy, nutrient-rich soil is a vegetable grower's best friend. Green manure offers a sustainable way of improving your soil year on year for very little effort, and this article explains how to begin.