Germination Rates

All our seed batches are tested for germination to ensure seed viability prior to being listed for sale on our website. Our seeds are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled enviornment right up until they are dispatched to ensure that the seeds are delivered to our customers as fresh and viable as possible. We do not sell old stock, or stock which tests below our high germination standards. We will never sell any seed that doesn't meet our standards. 

Our seed packets do not contain “Sow Before” dates.  We supply seeds that are viable at the time of sale.  The storage life of the seeds is dependent on how you store them.  Most seeds will last at least a year from the time of sale, some seeds though will last a lot longer than this. 

The germination rate and testing date of seeds can be found on the packing slip that will be included in all orders. 

Germination rates are printed in the following format: 

LOT: 15123 95% 11/18