Seasonal Seed Subscriptions

Take the guesswork out of ordering seeds with our seasonal seed subscriptions. Subscriptions are an excellent way to explore new seed varieties without having to spend time choosing the seeds yourself, and are perfect for busy gardeners, delivering seeds and all the information you need to plant them directly to your letterbox.

Each season we’ll choose a selection of seed varieties tailored to your climate, and send you the seeds plus a colour information sheet with photos, tips and sowing information - all you need to do is plant! 

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What’s Included

A selection of quality seeds four times a year:

  • 40 packets of seeds delivered to your letterbox (four deliveries with 10 packets per delivery sent in time for spring, summer, autumn and winter planting).
  • Seeds tailored to the season and your climate.
  • A mix of new varieties and reliable favourites each season.
  • A full colour information sheet with photos, descriptions and planting information.
  • Detailed online resources with growing information for each seed variety.

Access to expert information and advice:

  • Comprehensive grow guides for each seed variety.
  • Printable seed sowing chart for vegetables, herbs and flowers.
  • Access to all our articles and advice.
  • A Facebook community where you can get inspiration, ask questions and see what other gardeners are up to.
  • Expert, individual horticultural advice when you need it.


Example of a vegetable seed delivery:
Summer 2024 | Vegetables | Cool Climate
One packet each of brocolli 'Romanesco', carrot 'Rainbow Mix', cauliflower 'Purple Sicily', chinese cabbage 'Wombok', dwarf bean 'Pioneer', Florence fennel, lettuce 'Red Velvet', mustard greens 'Chirimen Hakarashi', silverbeet 'Magenta', basil.*

A selection of vegetables that can be grown from seeds included in a summer seed subscription

Example of a flower seed delivery:
Summer 2024 | Flowers | Temperate Climate
One packet each of ageratum 'Market Growers Blue', alyssum 'Carpet of Snow', aster 'Hulk', forget me not 'Rose Pink', marigold 'Yummy Mummy', nasturtium 'Alaska Mixed', petunia 'Karkulka', sunflower 'Compact Lilac Spray', wallflower 'Fire King', zinnia 'Mazurkia'.*

A selection of flowers that can be grown from seeds included in a seed subscription for temperate climates

* We reserve the right to vary the contents or frequency of the offer at any time at our discretion. If we do this the overall value of the offer and total number of seed packets included in it will remain unchanged.


For a year's worth of seeds delivered to your letterbox please add one or more of the products below to your cart.

Subscription Type Deliveries and Seed Packets (per year) One Year Two Years
Vegetable seed subscription  Four deliveries with 10 packets of seed per delivery, 40 packets of seed in total. $80.00 $150.00
Flower seed subscription Four deliveries with 10 packets of seed per delivery, 40 packets of seed in total. $80.00 $150.00

Gift Subscriptions

A year’s supply of vegetable and flower seeds is a generous and thoughtful gift that’s certain to delight any gardener. Gift subscriptions include the same seeds, information and other benefits as standard subscriptions.

Gift recipients will be emailed an electronic gift voucher along with your personalised message at a day and time of your choosing. They can then activate their subscription on our website by completing their address details and selecting their climate and if they want vegetables or flowers. Seeds are delivered directly to the recipient’s letterbox each season.

To get started simply add a gift subscription to your shopping cart and checkout:


Can I choose my own seeds?
Customers aren't able to choose which seeds they receive in their seed subscriptions. Our subscriptions are designed as a convenient way to receive seasonal seeds and to take the hassle out of deciphering what to plant when. Customers are always welcome to order seeds through our website in the usual way.

Can seed subscriptions be sent to WA and Tasmania?
Yes, most of our seeds can be sent to WA and Tasmania. If there are any varieties in the subscription that are not permitted in your state, we’ll include suitable alternatives to make sure you still receive the correct number of packets of seeds.

Do the seed subscription packets contain the same number of seeds as normal packets?
Yes, the seed packets included in the seed subscription are the same as those we sell individually.

Is postage included?
Yes, postage costs are included in the cost of the subscription.

When are the seeds posted?
We will post seeds four times a year in mid to late November, February, May and August. You will receive an email notification when the seeds are posted so you know to look out for them.

My seeds haven't arrived, what should I do?
Seeds are sent as standard Australia Post letters without tracking. Our usual delivery guarantee applies to seed subscriptions, so if your seeds haven't arrived within our guaranteed delivery time, we will resend them by Express Post. Please contact us at if there are any issues with delivery.

Can I cancel or suspend my subscription?
We cannot cancel or refund subscriptions once they are underway, however we can suspend subscriptions for one or more seasons if you are planning to be away for a lengthy period. Please let us know by emailing   

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