Sowing Chart

Our sowing chart is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start a garden in Australia. It contains information on the best sowing times and basic planting information for a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

The chart is easy to use and can be saved or printed using the print button for easy reference. However, it's important to note that the information provided is of a general nature and may not be applicable to all varieties or situations. Therefore, it's always a good idea to do some additional research and speak to local gardening experts if possible to ensure that you're planting the right varieties at the right time for your specific location and situation. By using our sowing chart as a starting point, you'll be well on your way to creating a thriving garden full of healthy, delicious, and beautiful plants.

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Ageratum Seeds
Allium (Flowering Onion)
Aloe Plants
Aloe Vera Plants
Alyssum Seeds
Amaranth Seeds
American Basket Flower Seeds
Anise Hyssop Seeds
Aquilegia Seeds
Armeria Seeds
Artichoke Seeds
Asparagus Crowns
Asparagus Seeds
Aster Seeds
Balloon Flower Seeds
Basil Seeds
Bean Seeds
Beetroot Seeds
Bergamot Seeds
Billy Buttons Seeds
Bitter Melon Seeds
Black Eyed Susan Seeds
Black Pearl Lily Bulbs
Blackberry Canes
Bluebell Bulbs
Borage Seeds
Bottle Tree Seeds
Boysenberry Canes
Brachyscome Seeds
Broad Bean Seeds
Broccoli Seeds
Brussels Sprouts Seeds
Bulb Onion Seeds
Bunching Onion Seeds
Burdock Seeds
Butterfly Bush Seeds
Cabbage Seeds
Calendula Seeds
Californian Poppy Seeds
Campanula Seeds
Candytuft Seeds
Canterbury Bells Seeds
Cape Gooseberry Seeds
Caper Bush Seeds
Capsicum Seeds
Carnation Seeds
Carob Seeds
Carrot Seeds
Catmint (Short-stemmed)
Catmint Seeds
Catnip Seeds
Cauliflower Seeds
Celeriac Seeds
Celery Seeds
Celosia Seeds
Chervil Seeds
Chia Seeds
Chickpea Seeds
Chicory (Radicchio) Seeds
Chilli Seeds
Chinese Cabbage Seeds
Chinese Forget Me Not Seeds
Chive Seeds
Chrysanthemum Seeds
Coleus Seeds
Collards Seeds
Comfrey Seeds
Coreopsis Seeds
Coriander Seeds
Corn Salad Seeds
Corn Seeds
Cornflower Seeds
Cosmos Seeds
Cossack Pineapple Seeds
Couve Tronchuda Seeds
Cress Seeds
Cucumber Seeds
Cucuzza seeds
Daffodil Bulbs
Dahlia Seeds
Dahlia Tubers
Delphinium Seeds
Dianthus Seeds
Dichondra Seeds
Dill Seeds
Dragon Fruit
Dutch Iris
Echinacea Seeds
Echinops Seeds
Eggplant Seeds
Elephant Garlic
Endive Seeds
Everlasting Daisy Seeds
Everlasting Sweetpea Seeds
Fennel Seeds
Feverfew Seeds
Florence Fennel seeds
Forget Me Not Seeds
Four 'O' Clocks Seeds
Foxglove Seeds
Garland Seeds
German Chamomile Seeds
Gladiolus Corms
Globe Amaranth Seeds
Godetia Seeds
Goji Berry Seeds
Golden Marguerite Seeds
Gourd Seeds
Gypsophila Seeds
Hollyhock Seeds
Honesty Seeds
Hyacinth Bulbs
Hyssop Seeds
Impatiens Seeds
Jerusalem Artichoke
Jonquil Bulbs
Kale Seeds
Kohlrabi Seeds
Larkspur Seeds
Lavender Seeds
Leek Seeds
Lemon Balm Seeds
Lettuce Seeds
Linaria Seeds
Livingstone Daisy Seeds
Lobelia Seeds
Lovage Seeds
Luffa Seeds
Lupin Seeds
Madagascar Bean
Malabar Spinach Seeds
Mangel Wurzel Seeds
Marigold Seeds
Mibuna Seeds
Mint Seeds
Mizuna Seeds
Muscari Bulbs
Mustard Seeds
Nasturtium Seeds
Naturalising Gladioli Corms
Nigella Seeds
Okra Seeds
Orach Seeds
Oregano Seeds
Pansy Seeds
Paper Daisy Seeds
Parsley Seeds
Parsnip Seeds
Passionfruit Seeds
Pea Seeds
Penstemon Seeds
Perilla Seeds
Petunia Seeds
Phlox Seeds
Pincushion Flower Seeds
Poppy Seeds
Preserving Melon Seeds
Pumpkin & Winter Squash Seeds
Purslane Seeds
Radish Seeds
Ranunculus Corms
Raspberry Canes
Rhubarb Crowns
Rhubarb Seeds
Rocket Seeds
Rockmelon Seeds
Roman Lawn Chamomile Seeds
Root Parsley Seeds
Rosella Seeds
Rosemary Seeds
Russian Tarragon Seeds
Sage Seeds
Salsify Seeds
Salvia Seeds
Savory Seeds
Scarlet Runner Bean Seeds
Schizanthus Seeds
Shallots from a Bulb
Shallots from Seed
Shark Fin Melon Seeds
Silverbeet Seeds
Snapdragon Seeds
Sorrel Seeds
Soybean Seeds
Sparaxis Bulbs
Spinach Seeds
Spring Star
Sprouting Seeds
Statice Seeds
Stock Seeds
Strawberry Runners
Strawberry Seeds
Strawberry Spinach Seeds
Sugar Beet Seeds
Summer Squash Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Swede Seeds
Sweet Potato
Sweet William Seeds
Sweetpea Seeds
Tamarillo Seeds
Thyme Seeds
Tomatillo Seeds
Tomato Seeds
Tulip Bulbs
Turnip Seeds
Verbena Seeds
Vinca Seeds
Viola Seeds
Wallflower Seeds
Warrigal Greens Seeds
Water Cress Seeds
Watermelon Seeds
Winged Bean Seeds
Winged Pea Seeds
Yarrow Seeds
Zinnia Seeds
Zucchini Seeds

Our sowing chart contains sowing times and basic planting information for most vegetables, herbs and flowers in the Australian climate zones. The chart can be saved or printed using the print button. The information is of a general nature and does not take into account specific varieties, local climates or situations.

Best time to Sow in Cool Climate

Cool Climate

  • Includes: Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Mt Gambier 
  • Low humidity with most rainfall in winter; hot dry summers and cold winters. Some regions will experience frosts and snow. Includes coastal areas of south-eastern Australia and alpine areas of Victoria, NSW and Tasmania.

cool climate map

More info on Australian climates zones here