Kale- Red Russian

Brassica oleracea

Standard seed packet, 100 seeds

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Kale- Red Russian

Brassica oleracea

Synonyms: Brassica fimbriata

  • Can be cooked or eaten raw
  • Good for baby leaf and microgreens
  • Sweet flavour

Kale is a primitive leaf vegetable. 'Red Russian' is one of the most popular varieties; it grows to 75cm at a fast rate and has blue/green/red tinged serrated leaves with red veins. The young leaves are eaten raw like lettuce, the old leaves cooked like cabbage. Has a sweet flavour. 

Kale is also known as Borecole.

How to sow and grow:

Method: Sow direct or raise seedlings
Sowing Depth: 10mm
When: Late summer and autumn
Germination: 3-7 days @ 8-30°C
Hardiness / Life Cycle: Hardy Biennial (usually grown as an annual)
Row Spacing: 50cm
Plant Spacing: 50cm
Plant Height: 75cm
Position: Part or full sun, moist soil
Days to Maturity/Flowering: 55-65 days
*Notes: Protect from slugs, snails, aphids and caterpillars. Keep well watered. Pick leaves as needed when the plant reaches 30cm tall.

(Product number: A1-05_P)
Seeds per gram: 345 seeds

SKU A1-05_P
Botanical name: Brassica oleracea
Botanical synonyms: Brassica fimbriata
Packet type: Standard seed packet
Packet quantity: 100 seeds
Seeds per gram: 345
Photo credits:

Photo by Jay Davis/ CC BY-ND 2.0

Photo by Tim Sackton/ CC BY-SA 2.0

photo by Amanda Zeidan

Kale- Red Russian

12 July 2020
King of the kales. So tasty. Bugs love it but once it gets going no problems. Even if all the leaves of a seedling have been eaten by bugs give it a second chance and it can come back from the brink.

good germination rate. bugs love them!

16 January 2019
I should have known better than to sow in spring in northern nsw. the bugs devoured them and whilst they survived they didn't thrive so I gave up and composted the lot. will buy some more seeds and try again in winter - like I should've done in the first place!


29 November 2017
Easy to grow, tender when leaves picked young, high yield. Had issues with aphids. Dilute soapy water helped a little.

Not all the seeds came up

By: on 23 March 2016
Had some problems with bugs, but sprayed with soapy water and now all is well. A very nice flavour, I break away from the central rib and use in my fresh salad mix.


By: on 23 March 2016
wonderful vegetable with many uses--very high in minerals vitamins and anti-oxidants

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