Stock- Virginian Mix

Malcolmia maritima Open Pollinated

  • Annual 30cm
  • Highly Scented
  • Good for borders, edging and pathways

Standard seed packet, 500 seeds

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'Stock- Virginian Mix' seeds

Malcolmia maritima

  • Annual 30cm
  • Highly Scented
  • Good for borders, edging and pathways

Annual growing to 30cm. Plant has a low growing, spreading habit with green/grey foliage and produces stems covered in tiny highly scented flowers in a mix of pastel shades. Good for borders, edging, pathways, containers and as a cut flower.

Seeds per gram: 2800
Product code: B4-04

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Best Months to Sow
  J F M A M J J A S O N D
Quick Sowing Guide
Method Sow direct or raise seedlings
Sowing Depth 6mm
Season Spring, summer and autumn
Germination 10-15 days @ 15-18°C
Hardiness / Life Cycle Hardy Annual
Plant Spacing 15cm
Plant Height 30cm
Position Part or full sun, moist soil
Days Until Maturity 100 days

*Notes: Deadhead to prolong flowering. Susceptible to downy mildew.

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Ratings & Reviews

Stock- Virginian Mix

This is very hard to distinguish from a weed for months and months but then suddenly blooms into thousands of tiny, sweetly perfumed flowers. Grows well among taller flowers/plants, too.
Erin C 1 August 2020