Sprouting Seeds- Barley 100g ORGANIC

Hordeum vulgare

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Sprouting Seeds- Barley ORGANIC

Hordeum vulgare


  • Highly nutritious
  • Sprouted Grain
  • Barley Grass

Barley grain can be used for either sprouted grain or as Barley grass, which is a great alternative to Wheatgrass and can be juiced or dried and ground into powder.  

To sprout: soak for 8 hours, drain all excess water and rinse seed. Rinse seed daily for 3 days until it has grown small white roots. Sprouted Barley seed has a chewy texture and earthy flavour. Sprouts are used raw and cooked; ideal for sandwiches, salads and for use as a garnish. Can be added to stews and soups. 

Sprouts are ready in around 2-3 days using this method.


 How to Grow Barley grass:

  1. Measure and wash seed: measure out the required amount of seed and wash in a sieve or similar to remove any dust.  Remove any noticeably damaged or discoloured seeds.
  2. Soak the seed in water for 8 hours in a bowl or jar.  
  3. Sprout the seeds: rinse and drain all water from the jar or bowl every day making sure to keep the seeds moist but not overly wet.  Continue this process until the seeds have germinated.
  4. Planting the seeds: line a tray with a around 1-2cm of soil.  Spread the seeds evenly over the surface so that the seeds are touching but not overly crowded.  Cover with a lose thin layer of soil.  Water lightly and cover the tray with another tray to create a 'greenhouse' effect and keep the moisture in.  The trays can be kept indoors or outdoors but should be kept out of direct sunlight.
  5. Growing: for the next few days its important to keep the sprouts moist so check them regularly and water or mist when necessary.  After around 4-5 days your grass should be growing well and the cover can be removed.
  6. Continue growing the Barley uncovered but out of direct sunlight for a few more days until the grass is around 15cm tall.
  7. Harvest: cut the Barley grass just above soil level using a pair of scissors.  Grass will re-shoot but becomes less productive and less nutritious with each harvest.

Barley Grass is ready to harvest in around 10-12 days using this method.

Germination: 3-10 days @ 20-22°C

(Product number: 22114_P)
Seeds per gram: 30 seeds

SKU 22114_P
Botanical name: Hordeum vulgare
Quarantine restrictions: NOT TO TAS
Seeds per gram: 30

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