Welcome to our August newsletter! August gives gardeners the best of both worlds: soil still cool enough to plant bare-rooted crops combined with the opportunity to sow the first warm-season seeds.
As we head into warmer weather you may find that our Sowing Chart is a handy reference. Select your climate to see when to sow each type of vegetable, herb or flower in your climate zone; you can then select 'show details' to find recommended sowing methods, depth, plant spacing and germination time. The chart is available to all our customers free of charge and can also be printed as a go-to resource.
We're expecting our range of dahlia tubers to arrive this week. We have a larger selection and more tubers available this year, so keep a lookout for a newsletter announcing their availability.

Seeds to Sow in August

August is the best time to start sowing warm season vegetables and flowers (indoors in cold climates). It's also a good time of year to refresh your herb garden with new plantings of borage, comfrey, coriander and dill. For more planting ideas see our 'Seeds to Sow' page. Find a  full list of Seeds to Sow in August here.

LIly Bulbs

Lilies produce elegant flowers that star in the heat of summer. Grow them in clumps between other plants, group them in large containers or cut them and bring them indoors as a long-lasting cut flower. Our selection includes Asiatic, tiger and pollen-free varieties. Browse all lily bulbs here.

Bare-Rooted Produce

Bare-rooted perennial fruit and vegetables can be planted throughout spring, and we still have a great range available:

Browse all bare-rooted winter vegetables.

Make the most of the changing seasons and get gardening this month!

Seedling trays and jiffy pots filled with soil sitting on a well lit windowsill

Four lily bulbs sitting on bare soil next to a garden trowel

A man's hand holding a rhubarb crown

A small clump of yellow miniature daffodils growing in a garden bed