January News

Welcome to a new year of gardening with The Seed Collection! We hope you've taken some time to rest and relax over the holidays and that - like us - you're looking forward to new gardening adventures in 2023.

We have been hard at work adding new features to our website to improve our climate and planting information. We now have a new Seeds to Sow Now page that allows you to select the month, climate and product category most relevant to you. This tool lets you look ahead to future months so you can plan seasons or even the whole year ahead. We have also revised our Climate Zones to introduce an arid zone and refine our other zones. We hope you find this information helpful and easy to use when planning your garden.

Happy gardening from the team at The Seed Collection

Seeds to Sow in January

Despite the lazy summer days, January is a good time to succession sow many herbs, leafy greens and annual flowers. Gardeners in tropical and sub-tropical climates can plant heat-loving crops including basil, okra, amaranth and winged bean.

In temperate and cooler climates, sow summer beans, corn, egglant and radish as well as carrots, parsnips and other root crops. Winter brassicas can also be sown; with a little extra watering and shade, planting now means you will have more crops to harvest through autumn and winter.

In the flower garden there is still time to sow fast growing, heat-loving feverfew, marigold, zinnia, sunflower and celosia in warm areas. In cool climates Californian poppy, everlasting daisy and Billy buttons can be sown as well as more delicate panies, violas and stock.

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Holy basil with mauve flower spikes growing against a red brick wall

An orange zinnia flower growing in a home garden

A blue banded bee in flight approaching a purple eggplant flower

A bowl full of winged beans in a vegetable garden bed