Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter. The middle of winter needn't mean down-time in the garden; onion, lettuce and peas, hardy annual flowers and a great choice of bare-rooted perennials can all be planted this month.
July is also a good time to start planning your spring garden. Did you know that our 'Seeds to Sow Now' tool can help you plan ahead by seeing which seeds to sow in each month of the year? Remember that you can get a little head start on the season by sowing seeds indoors about 6 weeks before the recommended planting time.
There's simply no excuse not to get your hands dirty in the garden this month!

Seeds to Sow in July

July is a good time to prepare for spring planting; start sowing now in warm climates, or plan to start seeds indoors in the coming weeks in cooler areas. Our list of seeds to sow now includes all the vegetable, herb and flower seeds suited to plant in your climate this month. Browse our full list of Seeds to Sow here.

Raspberry Canes

Raspberry canes bear heavy crops of mouthwatering sweet-tart fruit that can be enjoyed fresh or made into tasty jams and preserves. Grow several varieties to pick a succession of plump, delicious fruit from mid-summer through autumn. Suitable for growing in climates with a cold winter. Browse berry canes here.

Full List of Crowns, Bulbs and Tubers to Plant in July

It's peak season for planting bare-rooted perennial vegetables and we have a full range of delicious produce available now:

Browse all bare-rooted winter vegetables.

A row of pea plants corraled by strings strung between bamboo canes in a vegetable garden.

Paperwhite jonquil plants with the first white flowers just emerging from the buds.

A recently planted raspberry cane with fresh new leaf growth.

A neatly planted vegetable garden in mid-winter, with peas growing up a trellis and rows of lettuce and other leafy vegetables.