Welcome to the June edition of our newsletter. There are plenty of seeds that can be planted this month; simply click on 'Seeds to Sow in June' to discover what can be planted in your climate. June is also the peak time for bare-rooted vegetables, tubers and bulbs, so there's plenty of choice for what to plant this month. Grab your gardening tools, embrace the cooler weather, and enjoy your time in the garden!

Seeds to Sow in June

Our comprehensive list of seeds to sow now includes all the vegetable, herb and flower seeds suited to planting in your climate in June. Leafy greens, peas and alliums can all be planted this month, and June is your last chance to plant bulbs for fragrant flowers in spring. Browse our full list of Seeds to Sow in June here.

Asparagus Crowns

The most tender asparagus spears are homegrown and consumed within hours of harvest. Asparagus crowns are a long-term investment in your garden, yielding delicious spears to delight your taste buds season after season - often for 20 years or more! Browse asparagus crowns here.

Seed Potatoes

Potatoes are a mainstay of the home veggie patch thanks to their easy cultivation and reliably large crops. Tubers can be grown in the garden or in grow bags. We only sell certified seed potatoes so you know they're free from viruses. Browse our full selection of seed potatoes here.

More Crowns, Bulbs, Tubers and Runners to Plant in June


A cold frame planted out in with lettuce seedlings in neat rows

A photo of a gardener wearing gloves with their hands full of sprouting seed potatoes

A photo of several bare-rooted asparagus crowns sitting on some just-tilled soil