As we transition into autumn and the weather begins to cool down, it's time to start planning your garden for the upcoming planting season. 

March is a good time for a clean up in the garden to get your soil ready for cool season veggies and flowers. Remove spent summer crops and replenish nutrients by applying compost or aged manure. Spend some time weeding and top up mulch to prevent more weed seeds from germinating as the temperature cools.

Seeds to Sow in March

Seeds for beetroot, broccoli, bunching onion, carrot, leek and leafy greens including lettuce can be sown in March in all climates. Gardeners in arid zones can also plant amaranth, luffa, artichoke and asparagus seeds, while those in tropical areas can add tomato, capsicum, chilli, eggplant and corn. In cold and temperature climates broad bean, cabbage, cauliflower, chicory and kohlrabi can all be sown in March.

March is also a good time to establish bergamot, parsley, chives and garlic chives. In the flower garden sow seeds for calendula, candytuft, coreopsis, dianthus, everlasting daisy and godetia. In tropical and arid climates ageratum, billy buttons, celosia, globe amaranth can also be planted so they have time to establish over the cooler months.

Garlic is a flavorful and versatile crop used in many dishes worldwide. It's relatively easy to grow, making it an excellent choice for gardeners of all levels. Once harvested, garlic bulbs can be stored for several months under the right conditions, providing a steady supply of fresh garlic for use in the kitchen. With its delicious taste and ease of cultivation, garlic is a great addition the garden.

Add a burst of vibrant colour to your garden with our selection of spring-flowering bulbs, including daffodils, jonquils, ixia, ranunculus, and anemones. These easy-to-grow bulbs will bloom year after year, providing long-lasting beauty to your garden. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our selection of flowering bulbs is an excellent choice for adding beauty to your outdoor space.

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Planting garlic cloves in a home garden

Lettuce seedlings in a home garden in autumn

A peronso planting daffodil bulbs in a terracotta pot

A variety of different flower bulbs