If you're looking for inspiration for what to plant in May in your garden, read on. Let's dive in and make the most of this beautiful time of year in the garden! 

Seeds to Sow in May

Our comprehensive list of seeds to sow now includes all the vegetable, herb and flower seeds suited to planting in your climate in May. Seeds are an economical and rewarding way to create a beautiful and productive garden, so get planting! Browse our full list of seeds to sow in May here.

Strawberry Runners

Homegrown strawberries are a step above anything you'll find in the supermarkets. Picked at peak ripeness, they're sweet, juicy and aromatic. Growing strawberries from bare rooted runners is an easy way to establish a strawberry patch for a continuous supply of fruit in summer. Browse strawberry runners here.

Flower Bulbs

Flowering bulbs can be planted in all but tropical climates during May through to the end of June, so there's still plenty of time to plan and plant for spring flowers. Flowering bulbs are easy to grow and require very little maintenance once established. Browse our full selection of flower bulbs here.

Garlic Bulbs

Garlic bulbs can be planted in temperate and cool climates through to the end of June. 'Italian Late' is a softneck variety with large cloves with a rich, robust flavour that's suited to cooler climates. Browse seed garlic bulbs here.

A woman kneeling in front of a garden bed and planting flower bulbs, with a bulb planter and paper bag full of bulbs beside her

A young strawberry plant sitting in a planting hole ready to be planted

A blue plastic colander holding two garlic and several shallot bulbs ready to be planted

A harvest of orange and grey pumpkins and a bucket full of dahlia flowers arranged with some gardening tools on a lawn