Welcome to our November newsletter. With a hotter than usual summer expected for most of Australia, it's time to think about heat-proofing your garden with extra shade, water and mulch. Many warm-season vegetable, herb and flower seeds can also be sown this month in preparation for summer. Dahlias, flowering aloes, dragon fruit and sweet potato tubers will all establish well in the warmth of late spring.
We recently launched our annual seed subscriptions as an easy and convenient way to order seeds. Each season we'll send a selection of seeds suited to plant in your climate, taking the guesswork out of ordering vegetable and flower seeds. We'll be posting our first selection of flower and vegetable seeds in mid-November, in time for summer sowing. Of course, you will still be able to select and order your seeds and other gardening products in the usual way as well.
Enjoy the spring sunshine as you spend time in the garden this month! 

November Planting

Seed to Sow in November

Asian greens, capsicum, chilli and melon can be sown in November, along with basil, cress and mustard. Seeds for amaranth, celosia, aster, Californian poppy and other heat-loving flowers can also be planted this month for blooms into summer and autumn. Find a full list of Seeds to Sow in November here.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit, or pitaya, is a perennial, climbing tropical cactus that produces vibrant, juicy fruit. Dragon fruit cuttings can be planted this month; start them in small pots until roots have formed and there's healthy new growth, then transfer them to a large pot or the garden. Browse dragon fruit cuttings here.

Flowering Aloes

Bare-rooted aloes can be planted in pots or garden beds in November. Bred for adaptability to garden conditions, prolific flowering over a long period, and for flowering as young plants, aloes are a great way to add year-round colour to your garden, and will feed nectar-loving birds. Browse all flowering aloes here.

Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia tubers can be planted this month in all climate zones. We've added the last of our tubers to the website - be quick if you need to top up your collection with specific colours. Plant tubers in well drained soil for an extravagant display from summer through to late autumn. Browse all dahlia tubers here.

Sweet Potato Tubers

Growing sweet potato is a two-step process: first grow the shoots in soil or water, then transplant them to the garden. Plants thrive in warm weather and can be planted in all climates in November. Our tubers are first generation, grown for propagation with a reduced risk of disease. Buy sweet potato tubers.

A basil plant growing in a pot on a deck

A close-up photo of a truss of yellow tomato flowers

A dahlia flower growing in a garden bed of staked dahlia plants

A young sweet potato plant in a heavily mulched garden bed