Welcome to our October newsletter. It's a busy month in the garden, with spring bulbs flowering and fresh new growth everywhere you look. A huge selection of vegetable, herb and flower seeds can be sown this month. October is also a good time to plant dahlia tubers and rhubarb crowns and establish bare-rooted aloes for strong root development over summer.

Did you know that The Seed Collection has a Facebook community page? It’s a great place to post photos, get some inspiration, ask questions and see what other gardeners are up to. Everyone is welcome and we’d love to see how you’re growing! Find the group and sign up here.

We recently asked our Facebook followers for their best (or worst) gardening puns. Here's one of our favourites:

Don't tell secrets in the garden. The potatoes have eyes, the corn have ears and the beanstalk!

Enjoy the delightful spring weather as you spend time in the garden this month!

October Planting

Seeds to Sow in October

Gardeners can direct sow beans, corn, pumpkin and squash and raise seedlings of chilli, capsicum and eggplant. Scatter sow basil, chives, coriander and dill seeds. Heat-loving leafy greens and warm season flowers - and much more - can all be planted this month. Find a full list of Seeds to Sow in October here.

Flowering Aloes

Plant aloes in pots or garden beds this month - they're a great way to add winter flowers to your garden and don't need a lot of maintenance. Our range has been bred for adaptability to garden conditions, prolific flowering over a long period, and for flowering as young plants. Browse all flowering aloes here.

Dahlia Tubers

With the temperature warming our dahlia tubers are ready to burst into life. Tubers can be planted in October in all climates. Plant tubers in well drained soil once all danger of frost has passed for an extravagant display from summer through to late autumn. Browse all dahlia tubers here.

Bare-Rooted Produce

Warm season produce is replacing our winter stock, with aloe vera and sweet potato now available. Rhubarb crowns can still be planted through spring, and seed potatoes can be added to the garden in cold and temperate climates. Here's what's available in October:

Browse all bare-rooted produce.

Three chilli seedlings in small pots

A person's hand holding a small bare-rooted flowering aloe plant

A dahlia tuber growing in a small pot with new growth coming from its eyes
A young rhubarb plant grown from a crown