Welcome to our September newsletter. Early spring is a delightful but busy time to be in the garden - there's warmth in the soil, new growth and plenty of jobs to keep you busy! There's also a huge selection of seeds that can be sown this month to kick-start your spring and summer garden, as well as flower bulbs, tubers and bare-rooted produce.
If you're thinking of saving seeds from your vegetables this season it's a good idea to check out our seed saving chart before you plant. It provides information about flower types, pollination needs, isolation distances and the number of plants you'll need to save seed. The seed saving guides page includes photos of many commonly grown vegetable seeds, so its also a good resource if you need to identify any 'mystery seeds' you may have in your collection. 
Make the most of the spring weather and spend time in the garden this month!

Seeds to Sow in September

Gardeners are spoilt for choice in early spring, with a large selection of seeds suitable to sow in all climates. Cosmos, dahlia and zinnia seeds can be planted alongside basil, tomato and chilli seeds in frost-free areas (and with protection in cold climates). Find a full list of Seeds to Sow in September here.

Lily Bulbs

If you're looking for a flower to feature in your garden around Christmas time, look no further than lilies. Lilies produce elegant flowers that star in the heat of summer. Group lily bulbs in large containers or cut them and bring them indoors as a long-lasting cut flower. Browse all lily bulbs here.

Dahlia Tubers

We still have a great selection of healthy tubers availble with lots of different colours, sizes and types to choose from. Plant tubers in well drained soil once all danger of frost has passed for an extravagant display from summer through to late autumn. Browse all dahlia tubers here.

Bare-Rooted Produce

Many bare-rooted perennials can be planted in early spring, including seed potatoes in cold climates once the danger of frosts has passed. We still have these favourite perennial fruit and vegetables available:

Browse all bare-rooted produce here.


Sowing seeds in a vegetable garden

Several lily bulbs in a wooden tray

A dahlia tuber with shoots sitting in a bucket of soil

A vegetable garden in early spring