Welcome to our December newsletter. The longer days of summer give us all more time to sow seeds, care for plants and enjoy our gardens. Heat-tolerant leafy greens, warm season flowers and summer herbs can all be sown in December, and turmeric, galangal and sweet potato can be planted.
Our popular Christmas-themed seed bundles are available for herbs, vegetables and flowers. Each bundle includes 10 varieties of individually packed seed envelopes. They're great for stocking fillers, office giveaways, table decorations or as replacements for gift tags. For a more colourful option, the seed envelopes in our Christmas pun pack are sure to provoke a giggle. 
December is a busy month -  don't forget to set aside some time to spend in the garden!

December Planting

Seeds to Sow in December

There's a world of difference between warm and cool climates when it comes to planting in summer. Gardeners in tropical areas are limited to heat- and humidity-tolerant varieties, while those in cooler areas have a much wider choice of warm-season seeds to sow. Find a full list of Seeds to Sow in December here.

Turmeric Rhizomes

Turmeric rhizomes can be started in all but tropical climates in December. The rhizomes of these clump-forming perennials with large sword-shaped leaves can be used fresh or dried. In temperate and cool climates we recommend growing turmeric in containers. Browse turmeric rhizomes here.

Galangal Rhizomes

Also known as 'Thai ginger', galangal has a hot, gingery flavour and can be used to flavour curries, soup, tom yum and laksa, as well as having medicinal uses. Galangal rhizomes can be planted in December, either in the garden or, in cool climates, a large container. Browse galangal rhizomes here.

Sweet Potato Tubers

There's still time to plant sweet potato tubers for a harvest in late autumn or early winter. Plants thrive in warm weather, and the vines can be used as a lush groundcover too. Our tubers are first generation, grown for propagation with a reduced risk of disease. Browse sweet potato tubers here.

Basil seedlings growing in a propagation tray

A zinnia queeny lime with red flower

Galangal rhizomes freshly dug from the garden, with shoots and roots attached