Welcome to our January newsletter and a new year of gardening information and inspiration. We hope you're feeling excited about all the possibilities your garden holds for you in 2024 - we know that we are!
If you're doing some new year's planning for your garden, don't forget that our sowing chart, seeds to sow now page and grow guides are all helpful resources. Take into account your climate, the space you have available and what you like to eat or pick and you and your garden will be off to a great start.
If you'd like an easy solution to purchasing your seeds, consider signing up to our seed subscriptions. Each season we'll send you 10 packets of vegetable or flower seeds suited to your climate and the time of year; all you need to do is plant!
Happy New Year from everyone at The Seed Collection!

January Planting

Seeds to Sow in January

Seeds for fast-maturing warm season flowers, herbs and vegetables can be planted this month in all climates. It's also time to start brassica seeds for a late autumn or winter harvest, keeping the seedlings well protected from excessive heat to avoid bolting. Find a full list of Seeds to Sow in January here.

Sweet Potato Tubers

Gardeners in subtropical climates can plant sweet potato tubers in January for a harvest in late autumn or winter, while those in tropical climates can plant and grow sweet potato year-round. Our tubers are first generation, grown for propagation with a reduced risk of disease. Browse sweet potato tubers here.

Coming in Early 2024

We're looking forward to stocking a huge selection of bulbs this year, starting with garlic in late January/February and closely followed by flower bulbs: daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, ranunculus and many more.

We don't take pre-orders for our garlic and flower bulbs, but you can browse the range and hit the 'notify me' button for any varieties that interest you. You'll then be the first to know when stocks are added. Browse garlic bulbs here and all flower bulbs here.

A basket of harvested homegrown vegetables

Dahlia flowers

Flower bulbs in a tray