Welcome to the March edition of our newsletter. On the gardening calendar March marks the start of autumn, and chilly nights and slightly shorter days aren't far away, even if daytime temperatures are still hot and humid.
If you're just starting to think about your winter harvest, March is the ideal time to get seeds started while soil temperatures are still favourable for germination. This month is also a good time to plant seed garlic and spring flowering bulbs.
We've just posted our autumn seed subscription bundles to subscribers so they can get started with their vegetable or flower seed sowing for the season. Subscriptions are a great way to make sure you're planting seeds appropriate for your climate and the time of year, and come with planting instructions and seasonal gardening tips. Of course, all our customers are always welcome to order seeds in the usual way as well.
Enjoy spending time in the garden this month! 

March Planting

Seeds to Sow in March

Broad beans, peas, beetroot, carrot, brassicas and alliums can all be planted in March, along with biennials: parsley, chervil, fennel, Canterbury bells, honesty and sweet William. St Patrick's Day (March 17) is traditionally the day to plant sweet peas for winter and spring flowers. Find a full list of Seeds to Sow in March here.

Seed Garlic

March is the start of the garlic planting season, with cloves able to be planted from now until June. We currently have 6 varieties of seed garlic available. For gardeners in warmer climates, Elephant garlic, a mild but productive type of leek, is the best choice as it doesn't require a cold period to form bulbs. Browse all seed garlic bulbs here.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Gardeners in temperate and cool climates can get stuck into planting their spring flowering bulbs this month. In warm regions, ixia and sparaxis can be planted now, with April and May the best months to plant other bulbs and corms. We're adding stock to our flowering bulb range almost daily, so check in regularly to see what's available. Browse all flower bulbs here.

A photo of a row of mustard plants growing in a long rectangular container

A photo of a basket of garlic cloves sitting on good soil, with some cloves on the soil ready to plant

A pot full of spring flowering bulbs ready to plant

A photo of a vegetable garden in autumn, with climbing beans and a good crop of leafy green vegetables growing