How I Grow A Podcast by The Seed Collection Published: 8 May 2024

Embracing Permaculture | An interview with Alysse from One Fine Farm


About Alysse

BIO: Our family Oscar/Hubbie & kids (Addie & Gus) are embarking on creating a Permaculture inspired homestead. After travelling Australia for 18 months, we are starting from scratch. We are documenting our journey to help show others what is possible.

Alysse's location: Northern NSW -Clarence Valley, Yaegl Country

To learn more about Alysse:

Instagram: @one_fine_farm @practical_permaculture

Episode Summary

Have you ever dreamed of transforming a simple plot of land into a thriving, self-sufficient homestead? Our latest conversation with Elise from One Fine Farm is an intimate look into the realities of permaculture living, where she shares her family's journey in northern New South Wales. From the careful observation of rain patterns to the ambitious plans for crop cultivation, Elise's story is a compelling tapestry of hard-won wisdom, community spirit, and a profound connection to nature.

One Fine Farm

One Fine Farm

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