How I Grow A Podcast by The Seed Collection Published: 7 February 2024

Defending Your Brassicas: Winning the War Against Cabbage Moths and Butterflies

Episode Summary

Are cabbage moths and butterflies turning your garden into a battleground? Join me as we arm you with the tactics to defend your brassicas against these voracious vegetarians. We'll identify the enemy – those fluttering white foes and their ravenous larvae – and I'll share my arsenal of tried-and-true strategies. Discover how fine netting, aromatic companion plants, and even moth scarecrows can protect your cabbage, broccoli, and kale. And should an infestation strike, learn the crucial steps for manual caterpillar combat to keep your leafy greens safe. This episode is a treasure trove for any gardener waging war on cabbage pests.

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