How I Grow A Podcast by The Seed Collection Published: 4 April 2024

A Journey through Chris' 16 Acres | with @GreenThumbGuru


About Chris

BIO: Chris is a self taught vegetable gardener with over 14 years experience. His philosophy is around gardening naturally without chemicals, using permaculture principles, focusing on supporting a strong foundation for plants, wild life, and the soil biology

Chris' location: Manning Valley, Australia

To learn more about Chris:

Instagram: @greenthumbguru

YouTube:  simple life on 16 acres

Episode Summary

Our guest, Chris paints a picture of his journey from nostalgic beginnings, inspired by his grandparents, to the lush slopes of the Manning Valley where he and his family now cultivate life without the interference of chemicals. As we stroll through his verdant domain, Chris unveils the fabric of his ethos: teaching his children the cycles of nature, the interplay of composting chickens enriching the soil, and the integration of permaculture principles that shape his gardening philosophy.

Chris shares the seasonal rhythms of his garden, the careful dance with pests, and the collective wisdom within the gardening community that both celebrates and commiserates over nature's curveballs. This episode is a foray into the future too, where Chris's dreams of market gardening take root, hinting at the aspirations that sprout from every well-tended plot of land.

This conversation is as much an exploration of personal growth as it is of gardening. We reflect on the significance of embracing the here and now, the lessons tucked within past trials, and the quiet fulfillment of choosing a path that's uniquely ours. There's a patience required in gardening, mirrored in life's own pace, that Chris's story so vividly illustrates. Our chat winds down with a nod to the importance of community gardens, the initiation of green thumbs, and a gracious note of appreciation for the insights Chris brought to our table. This episode is a tribute to the green-thumbed enthusiasts and the nurturing of a life interwoven with the natural world.

Chris- GreenThumbGuru

Chris- GreenThumbGuru

Chris- GreenThumbGuru

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