How I Grow A Podcast by The Seed Collection Published: 28 February 2024

The Art of Transplanting Seedlings

Episode Summary

Have you ever watched your beloved seedlings wilt and wondered where you went wrong? Worry no longer! Our latest episode is a treasure trove of gardening wisdom, ensuring your young plants not only make it to the garden but flourish beyond your expectations. We dig into the telltale signs that your seedlings are primed for relocation and share the secret of using an overcast day to your advantage, safeguarding your green infants from the harsh realities of direct sunlight.

Join me as we gently unearth the art of transplanting with tender care, from the initial thorough watering to the protective measures against transplant shock. We'll explore the creation of an ideal bed, rich with moist soil and organic matter, to cradle your plants in comfort. Plus, you'll learn the finesse needed to separate entwined seedlings without stressing them out, and the urgency of getting them into the ground posthaste. This episode is your guide to transforming your garden into a vibrant sanctuary where plants don't just grow—they thrive.

The 'How I Grow’ podcast is produced by The Seed Collection in Melbourne Australia. It’s our aim to make gardening more accessible to more people and this podcast is one of the many ways we’re doing that.

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