How I Grow A Podcast by The Seed Collection Published: 27 December 2023

The Gardener's Guide to Perfect Seed Sowing

Dive into seed sowing secrets for garden success! Learn about direct sowing vs. container start benefits, root development, and minimizing transplant shock.

Episode Summary

Ever wondered how to give your garden the best possible start? Join us as we unravel the mysteries of seed sowing, ensuring your efforts in the garden bloom into success. Weighing the advantages and challenges of direct sowing against starting seedlings in containers, we dissect how each method can significantly affect root development, transplant shock, and the overall welfare of your green companions. For the gardeners drawn to nurturing seedlings, we've tailored a segment just for you, brimming with top-tier advice on the delicate art of watering and safeguarding your plant babies from those pesky pests.

But wait, there's more – we're not leaving anyone out! Those of you with a penchant for microgreens and diminutive seeds, we've got your back with an ingenious sowing technique that promises to eliminate the hassle. Furthermore, we'll illuminate the path to picking the perfect planting spot, considering the dance of sunlight and shade, as well as the intricate life cycle of your chosen flora. So, whether you're sporting veteran green thumbs or just sprouting your first seedling in the world of gardening, this episode is your personal almanac to a flourishing garden.

The 'How I Grow’ podcast is produced by The Seed Collection in Melbourne Australia. It’s our aim to make gardening more accessible to more people and this podcast is one of the many ways we’re doing that.

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