How I Grow A Podcast by The Seed Collection Published: 23 May 2024

Growing in a Tiny Garden | A Chat with Breanna


About Breanna

BIO: I am a passionate self taught gardener, proving that a tiny garden CAN be productive. I aim to inspire people to want to eat healthier homegrown food, garden sustainably and create habitat for native critters - irrespective of garden size!

Breanna's location: Melbourne's outer South East

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Episode Summary

Do you believe a lush garden is out of reach for city dwellers? Let Melbourne's own Breanna from Tiny Garden Growing prove you wrong! On our latest episode, she takes us through her surprising journey, transforming a tiny urban space into a veritable cornucopia. Discover how creativity and a little bit of soil can work wonders, and how you, too, can yield a bountiful harvest from even the smallest of balconies or backyards. From balancing soil composition for pots to selecting the right fruit trees for cooler climates, Brianna's expertise will leave you eager to green your space, no matter the size.

We chat about how involving children in the process not only educates them on the origins of their food but instills a sense of environmental stewardship. Hear heartwarming anecdotes of youngsters engaging with nature and learn why it's critical to share this knowledge with the next generation. Not only will you be nurturing plants, but you'll also be fostering a greener future with every seed sown.

Tiny Garden Growing

Tiny Garden Growing

Tiny Garden Growing


Tiny Garden Growing

Ting Garden Growing

Tiny Garden Growing

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