How I Grow A Podcast by The Seed Collection Published: 14 February 2024

Turning Waste into Garden Treasure: The Art of Composting

Episode Summary

Unlock the secrets of transforming your kitchen scraps and garden waste into gold for your garden in our latest podcast episode, where we delve into the world of composting. Prepare to be empowered with knowledge as we guide you through the simplicity and multitude of benefits that composting brings to your backyard and the planet. From setting up the perfect compost bin or pile to mastering the delicate balance of nitrogen, carbon, water, and oxygen, we've got every base covered. Our conversation isn't just about the ‘how’, but also the impactful ‘why’—enriching your soil, slashing landfill contributions, and significantly cutting down on greenhouse gases. 

We've also packed this episode with practical tips to keep your compost pile thriving in every season, even when the winter frost bites. Learn how to maintain that sponge-like moisture level and why tossing in a mix of greens and browns is essential. Our expert advice doesn't stop there; we tackle common composting quandaries like adding citrus peels and keeping unwanted odors at bay. And for those looking to add a little wriggle to their composting routine, we discuss how worms can magically accelerate the process. Tune in for an episode that's sure to nourish your eco-conscious spirit and help you give back to the earth, one compost heap at a time.

The 'How I Grow’ podcast is produced by The Seed Collection in Melbourne Australia. It’s our aim to make gardening more accessible to more people and this podcast is one of the many ways we’re doing that.

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