How to Save Armenian cucumber (Cucumis melo) Seeds

Seed Saving Guide #2709
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Binomial name: Cucumis melo

Flower Type Andromonoeicious (male and perfect flowers on the same plant) or Monoecious (male and female flowers on the same plant), self-compatible
Pollination Insect pollinated
Isolation Distance 500m
Other Isolation Methods Hand pollination.
Population Required for Viable Seeds 1
Population Required to Maintain Variety 5-10
When to Harvest When fruit is ripe; fruit can be left on the vine up to 20 days after ripening.
How to Harvest

Scoop seeds from the central cavity when eating the fruit; remove any small, immature seeds. Seeds can be soaked for a few hours to separate them from the pulp.

How to Clean

Rinse seeds to remove any remaining flesh and spread them out on a plate to dry.

Image of Seeds Armenian cucumber (Cucumis melo)

May cross-pollinate with rockmelon (Cucumis melo).

What is Seed Saving?

Seed saving is the practice of collecting and storing mature seeds from open-pollinated plants. By allowing plants to reach full maturity and harvesting the seeds, they can be cleaned, dried, and stored for future use. 

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