How to Save Tomatillo (Physalis philadelphica) Seeds

Seed Saving Guide #2737
Family: Solanaceae
Binomial name: Physalis philadelphica

Flower Type Perfect, self-incompatible
Pollination Insect pollinated
Isolation Distance 500m
Other Isolation Methods Cover flowers with paper bags and hand pollinate.
Population Required for Viable Seeds 5
Population Required to Maintain Variety 20-50
When to Harvest When husks are dry and papery and split open exposing the fruit inside.
How to Harvest Cut individual fruit from the bush. Remove the husks, blend the fruit with water and decant the pulpy water, leaving the seeds which have settled to the bottom.
How to Clean Rinse seeds several times to remove all pulp. Spread seeds on a plate to dry.
Image of Seeds Tomatillo (Physalis philadelphica)

Isolation may not be necessary if generic seeds (rather than a specific variety) are desired.

What is Seed Saving?

Seed saving is the practice of collecting and storing mature seeds from open-pollinated plants. By allowing plants to reach full maturity and harvesting the seeds, they can be cleaned, dried, and stored for future use. 

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