Alfalfa 500g

Medicago sativa

BULK seed, 500g (NOT TO WA)

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Medicago sativa


  • Fresh nutty flavour and crisp texture
  • Quick growing

Sprouts have a fresh nutty flavour and crisp texture that is ideal for salads and sandwiches.  Very nutritious.  Quick growing.

More info: Alfalfa is also known as Lucerne, it is a flowering perennial in the pea family and as well as sprouting, is also commonly used as a forage and green manure plant.


How to Grow:

Jar Sprouting Method:

  1. Pre-wash seed; wash seed in a sieve or similar to remove any dust.  Remove any noticeably damaged or discoloured seeds.
  2. Add the required amount of seed to a large flat sided jar and cover with lukewarm water. (example: a 500ml jar will need around 15ml of seed)
  3. Cover the jar with cheesecloth and a rubber band or similar.
  4. Let soak for 12hrs then drain the excess water.  Just tip the jar upside-down and let water drain though cheesecloth; no need to remove.  Rinse and drain again.
  5. Place jar on its side in a dark warm location.   
  6. Rinse and drain the seeds every 8-12 hours until the shoots have reached around 3.5-5cm long.
  7. Expose the seeds to sunlight for around 15 minutes or until the shoots turn green.  This step is essential to improve the nutritional benefit.
  8. Your sprouts are now ready to eat!

Germination occurs best at 16-25°C.  Ready to harvest in around 4-5 days.   Sprouts should be stored in the refrigerator when ready.

Germination: 5-6 days @ 20-22°C

(Product number: Z-0006-P)
Seeds per gram: 480 seeds

SKU Z-0006-P
Shipping Weight 0.1000kg
Botanical name: Medicago sativa
Packet type: BULK seed
Quarantine restrictions: NOT TO WA
Seeds per gram: 480
Photo credits:

Photo by Buelldm / CC BY-SA 3.0
Photo by Miran Rijavec / CC BY 2.0


21 February 2021
Great!!! I bought my first kilo of alfalfa for sprouting. With summer on the way, I wouldn't have to just rely on my garden lettuce with sprouts to back me up. It has been fantastic. I cycle 2 mason jars with stainless mesh lid set ups and never run out of sprouts. I always have some seeds that don't germinate, but that is normal so I don't care about that. Absolutely awesome. I prefer the alfalfa to the mung beans of which I still have 0.5Kg left so this time I am buying 2Kg of the alfalfa. One thing that would be great to see in the description is that the 'Seeds are Untreated". I have been told this is the case but it would be reassuring to see this printed in the description. Thanks everyone.

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