GREEN MANURE- Autumn and Winter Mix 100g

Contains a mix of varieties

BULK seed, 100g (NOT TO WA OR TAS)

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GREEN MANURE- Autumn and Winter Mix

Contains a mix of varieties


  • Improves soil
  • 1kg covers approximately 250 square meters.

Improves soil and helps to control weeds between crops.  Best sown in Autumn and Winter.

Mix varies depending on availability but is likely to include 3 or more of the following varieties: Buckwheat, Millet, Vetch, Brassica, Alfalfa, Broad Bean, Barley, Radish, Rye, Turnip, Clover, Fenugreek, Corn Salad, Dill, Pea, Rocket, Mustard and Oats.


100g covers approximately 25 square meters.


How to grow:

  1. Prepare soil for sowing ; remove any weeds and cultivate well.
  2. Sow seed at a rate of 50g to 10 square metres into cultivated soil. Sowing depth: 10-20mm
  3. Grow until the plants are approaching flowering then cut or slash and dig into the soil to decompose.

When: Autumn and winter
Germination: @ LOT: 15154 85% 6/18°C

(Product number: Z-0007)

SKU Z-0007
Botanical name: Contains a mix of varieties
Quarantine restrictions: NOT TO WA OR TAS
Photo credits: Photo by Kathy McDonald


9 July 2019
I am just about to plant 100gms of this product. I have a high reading of Ph & will be very interested in the outcome. Never tried this type of product before but from what I'm told it works well. Watch this space & will give a full report when completed

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