A makeshift cane wigwam is a common sight on vegetable patches across the country, providing support for beans, cucumbers, squash, and other climbers. But as useful as canes are for fast-growing annuals, for more permanent or ornamental uses something sturdier and more attractive is a much better option.

Our steel garden finial is the ideal basis for an attractive obelisk to support your climbing plants, and it's easy to assemble in nine straightforward steps. You'll need:

  • A single finial. 
  • Four 25mm square timber posts, long enough for the obelisk height you want to create.
  • A screwdriver and four screws that'll fit snugly through the holes in the finial. 
  • A drill with a timber bit to match the screws.

Here's what to do: 

  1. Slide each timber post into a slot in the finial, and make a mark through the screw hole.
  2. Remove each post and drill a suitably sized hole at the point you've marked. 
  3. Return the posts to the finial slots, ensuring all the screw holes line up.
  4. Screw each post firmly into place, forming the four-post obelisk shape. 
  5. Put the obelisk in its final location, either in open soil or in a large container, and press the posts down into the soil, deep enough to secure the structure in place.
  6. Take a moment to ensure the obelisk is level and upright. 
  7. Take a ball of garden twine and tie the end to the top of one of the posts.
  8. Walk around the obelisk several times, wrapping the twine as you go, to create a downward spiral covering the whole height.
  9. Once you've reached the bottom, pull the twine tight again, and tie it in place. 

Your bare obelisk is now complete, and ready for planting with your favourite climbing flowers, vegetables, or fruits.

Finial available here. Stakes and screws can be purchased from most hardware stores.

4 post obelisk