Weeding isn't necessarily one of the most fulfilling tasks a gardener can enjoy, but it's one that needs to be done regularly to keep unwanted growth in check. But as with so much else in the garden, using the right tools will make this routine job much quicker and easier to do.

If your garden includes paved areas or other stonework parts, a weeding knife is a tool that can greatly reduce the time and effort needed to keep them tidy.

What is a Weeding Knife? 

Removing weeds from an open bed can be as simple as running a hoe or garden fork over the soil's surface. But when stray seeds have taken root in the cracks between patio pavers, or have found their way to the crevices between a pathway and its edging, removing the resulting weeds can take a little more effort.

A weeding knife, also known as a patio knife, is a thin, sharp-angled knife that's designed to reach into these nooks and crannies, to slice the weeds off at the root and then drag the debris out for easy disposal.

Most weeding knives have a wooden or plastic handle attached to an L-shaped blade that can reach down into the tightest, most difficult-to-reach spaces. Not only can they deal with weeds, but they also drag out moss, sticks, pebbles, and other debris, helping keep your paved areas neat and tidy.

How to Use a Weeding or Patio Knife 

Patio knives are very easy to use. Simply hold the knife straight ahead of you with the L-shaped part of the blade pointing downward, and push the tip of the blade into the crack that you want to clear. Drag the knife back toward you, and the weeds will be both cut and pulled up out of the crevice, along with any other debris that have built up along the way.

Types of Weeding Knife 

There are two main types of weeding knife, with either a short handle or a long one. Smaller weeding knives are good for close control, but you'll need to crouch or kneel to reach into the paving cracks. They're best used where you'd instinctively use your fingers to pull out a weed.

Longer-handled patio knifes look closer to a garden hoe, or even a golf club. These tools are useful for clearing larger patio areas while standing, so putting less strain on your back.

But whichever size you use, a weeding knife is a simple tool that can take the drudgery out of one of gardening's most essential tasks.

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